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Substantial FFPE tissue collection of more than 1 Million samples

  • Substantial FFPE tissue collection of more than 1 Million samples including
    • whole range of tumor, inflammatory and degenerative entities
    • normal tissue of all organs
    • various combinations of matched pairs
  • Excellent FFPE tissue quality

    • Integrity of cellular structures on microstructural level
    • Comprehensive tissue preservation as revealed by 40× magnification images
  • Preservation of native tissue protein, DNA and RNA molecules

    • Extra short ischemic phase (< 5 min) prior to formalin fixation prevents hypoxia-triggered apoptotic degradation and/or modification of tissue molecules
    • Standardized formalin fixation for 16 to 24 hrs using buffered 4 vol% formaldehyde
  • Long-term tissue stability

    • Molecular and cellular structures of fixed tissues are protected by standardized paraffin embedding using a fully automated rapid histoprocessor
  • Suitable for target validation by

    • RNA in-situ hybridization:
    • Immunohistochemical staining:

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